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Meet The Professionals

Pat Carroll

Professional Background

Pat is a former owner and operator of King of Clubs in Elk Grove California. He began as a Sports Coach in 1977 and has been training golfers since 2004.

Pat has coached all kinds of golfers from the raw beginner to the professional competitor. His students include the United States African American Golfer of the Year, James Reede and U.S. Curtis Cup Captain Dr. Patricia Cornett. Professional competitors include the 2012 REMAX Open World Championship, Ryan Winther and the 2013 REMAX Women’s World Champion, Heather LeMaster.

His knowledge of the physics and biomechanics of the golf swing, as well as his ability to teach them, are beyond compare. Aside from his teaching achievements, he has also been ranked in the Top 100 nationally as a club fitter. Knowing how to get the right equipment into a golfer’s hands is a science and a talent. Also a certified master club builder, Pat knows what it takes to perfectly fit clubs to get the most out of your swing.

Kelli Corlett, LPGA

Professional Background

Kelli was born and raised in Sacramento, a 2005 Loretto High School graduate. At the age of six Kelli was introduced to the game of golf by her parents, Tom and Kate. She played multiple sports growing up but ultimately decided on two sports: soccer and golf.

She played both sports on her high school and college teams. She loved the camaraderie of soccer, but also enjoyed the individual competition of golf.  While at Dominican University of California, located in San Rafael, she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Sports Management. In May of 2010, Kelli furthered her education by earning a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Management.  For the past ten years she has worked for Morton Golf LLC as the Director of Youth, Family and Adaptive Golf.

She earned her LPGA membership in 2013, became a First Tee Coach in 2012 and joined a short list of now ten, as a First Tee Master Coach in 2018.  In 2015 & 2016, Kelli was a recipient of the U.S. Kids Top 50 Kids Teachers award and in 2017, a US Kids Master Coach award.  Recipients of all are chosen based on their contributions to youth golf. These contributions include, but are not limited to experience, innovation, creativity, communication, parental engagement, organization, devotion and growing the game.  She has worked with not only children ages 3 to 18, but also different veterans groups, 501c3’s and golfers with adaptive needs (both physical and mental).  Kelli truly believes golf is sport for all and it can teach some of life’s most important lessons.



Katie Hamilton, PGA

Professional Background

Golf is about having fun with friends and family. Katie’s approach to coaching is to build lesson plans to meet the players individual goals. A player’s swing can vary depending on physical ability so it’s important to take all criteria into consideration when designing a lesson plan. Fundamentals are keys to the start of a good golf swing and practicing with a purpose is important when trying to achieve your dream score. Katie’s goal for students is to improve their skills so they can enjoy this wonderful game all their life.

Katie uses her PGA certified in Player Development as a tool to improve all levels of players from the beginner to the mini tour level. She is also PGA HOPE certified. She explains, “Teaching veterans how to play golf in PGA HOPE is one of the most rewarding parts of coaching. It is a great way to give back to those who fought for our country.” This certification allows Katie to teach golf to people with a wide range of abilities. Outside of teaching Katie is experienced with Trackman and a club fitting specialist. She has fitted with many club companies including: Ping, Taylormade, Tour Edge, Cleveland, Titleist, Mizuno, and Callaway. See you on the course!

John Hoag, PGA Teaching Professional

Professional Background

Since 1982, I have been teaching golf to players of many different abilities, including juniors, men, women, and seniors.  In an effort to promote the game of golf, I have always enjoyed teaching beginning golfers and junior players.  I believe that a good start helps new golfers appreciate and enjoy golf.


Prior to beginning my professional golf career, I was a member of the varsity golf team at CSU Sacramento and I competed in local amateur golf tournaments. Since turning professional in 1982, I have competed in numerous professional tournaments and, as a PGA of America golf professional, I continue to compete in the Northern California Section tournaments. In addition, I have been a member of the PGA for 30 years working as an instructor as well as managing multiple golf facilities in Northern California.

Teaching Philosophy

I am constantly trying to learn and understand the golf swing better so I can not only help my students, but also improve my golf game as well.  I have studied a variety of players and instructors, including today’s greats, and teacher and players from past eras.

I always strive to work with a student’s ability and talent level to help each student achieve his or her potential and have more fun playing golf.  I am very patient with everyone because I understand that learning golf can be difficult and students will progress at different rates.

My philosophy is that golf is a game, so learning should be fun and practice sessions should be enjoyable. My goal is that each student should notice improvement during their very first session and understand their golf swing better.

I am available for both private and group instruction, and I will cover all facets of the game of golf from driving, woods, irons, full swing, chipping, pitching, sand play, putting, as well as on-the-course game management.

Paul Pradia, USTF

Professional Background

My golf teaching philosophy is that the game is played from green to tee and the most important shot you make during the round of golf is the one you’re standing over. I have found that one’s desire coupled with proper guidance could lead him/her to enjoy the game of golf and to become competitive with his/her peers.


Golf is much like life; everyone should be allowed to enjoy it. One’s size or physical makeup should not be a limiting factor in how far the game can take you. Having always been selected last for team sports, because of height and size I was delighted to be introduced to the game of golf in my early 30’s. It allowed me to be competitive with my peers.


I have taught and played the game for more than forty five years at various levels. When I taught at UNLV for six years, my opening statement was “If you can’t laugh at yourself or others, you should probably transfer to another class.” I enjoy teaching Special Needs People because their desire is not to play like their television idols, but just to enjoy hitting the ball and getting reasonable results based on their abilities. To date, my youngest student was four years old and my oldest was 94.

Don Thames, Certified PGA Teaching Professional


Professional Background

Experience could be the best word to describe Don Thames with regard to understanding how to play and teach the game.   As a player with a strong playing career, Don knows how to put process for performance ahead of outcome.  In this way, he has a solid grasp of what players need to learn
to play their best.  “The player that puts winning on the top of their mind often succumbs to over-trying.  Over-trying in golf leads to poor  performance”.  Golf is best played with a quiet mind-a mind that stays focused on a simple process.

With this process-based approach, Don encourages his students to play for the fun and challenge of the game vs. grinding over major swing changes.  Every player has a unique swing that he or she owns.  Don works within the framework of the student’s swing and teaches skills that can be applied to all phases of the game. 

Fun. Smart. Fit. Golf…  Learn what you will need to enjoy the game more.  Learn a strong mental game to enhance performance.  Learn skills that Don has used as a player that has played in 6 Major National and International Golf Championships.   Get fit for golf through TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) training principles that improve stability, mobility, power, speed and balance.  You will improve your game and have fun doing so. 

Don enjoys dancing and working with his wife Carole as a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  Carole Thames is active with Don in all of Don’s Professional pursuits including her role as a Caddie, Business Manager and as an extraordinary chef and friend.  Daughters, Makayla (former Sac State Women’s Golf Team Member) and Katie are the lights of Don and Carole’s lives. 

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